Cher prayer candle

Cher - Do You Believe? We Do!

Cher! How do you choose a single look for this style icon? Every look is stunning, unique, and definitively Cher.

I had the hardest time figuring out the perfect look for the new Cher candle

But I had to push through. For the fans. Especially for one fan: Alan T. 

Alan has been patiently waiting for Cher. And by patient, I mean a year and half.

He could easily have gone elsewhere and bought one from any of a number of other places. But no, Alan waited. Subtly nudging me and asking for an update on Facebook – always politely and respectfully. 

In that time, Cher has emerged again looking fabulous as ever at 73 years old – with Kim Kardashian on motorcycles. (Photo by Mert & Marcus via ENews)


Alan: This Saint Cher prayer candle is for you – and the legions of other Cher fans out there, including myself.

Thank you for believing, Alan. We believe too!



Kerrin Piche Serna


Kerrin Piche Serna

Yes! I do believe in miracles and now the patron saint of “Believe” CHER candle is finally available to brighten our days & warm our hearts at night whenever we light it. The graphic on the candle is beautiful ! Thank you for bringing this beauty to us!

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