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Hello, my name is Kerrin, and I love The Golden Girls.

I love that show deep in my bones. It’s such a comfort. I’ll sometimes put it on when I can’t sleep. Blanche and Dorothy and Rose and Sophia are like saints to me, always there in my time of need.

I was a professional videographer and editor working at DreamWorks Animation in 2014 when I discovered Golden Girls-themed prayer candles. As a devout Golden Girls disciple, I needed these candles, but I felt like the design could be better. Sophia should have her signature purse, for one thing.


So I created my own. My Photoshop skills from years of doing videography came in handy, and after a lot of trial and error I figured out how to affix my designs to some prayer candles.

They sat on my desk at work, and everyone who walked by commented on them. I started getting requests. I found I loved the design process, and how delighted people were when they saw my candles. I added saints; some of my favorite pop culture icons. At the company holiday bazaar that year, I sold out of everything I had.

I opened my own little Etsy shop. I didn’t expect many sales, but it seemed my lovingly designed saints were a hit. Before long, orders were pouring in.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg prayer candle in the making


When I left DreamWorks in 2017, I stepped into my DreamLife, which is being a stay-at-home dog mom to my Shih Tzu Ophelia.

Kerrin, owner of The Eternal Flame Candles, holding her dog, Ophelia


I live in Fullerton, California, with my amazing husband Michael. He's been so supportive of my business. 

Michael at the BravoCon booth


I was invited to sell my Bravo-themed candles at the first-ever BravoCon in New York. I'm a huge Bravo fan, so that was a dream come true! It was a surreal and thrilling experience. I'm hoping to get to sell again a BravoCon 2021!

 My goal with my candles is simply to make people happy. I love how much joy these worshipful pop culture creations bring to people. I have gotten so many amazing messages of love and thanks, and of course hundreds of requests for more saints.

I spend a good deal of time on my designs, and I put a lot of care into each one. I think my best work comes from really being a true fan and understanding how it feels to be deeply inspired by someone, whether it’s Oprah or Lisa Vanderpump or Barack Obama. I really admire these people and what they stand for, and I hope my devotion to them shows in my designs.

This for the fans. Also, they’re just plain fun.

Oprah Winfrey prayer candle with quote


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