These are a few of our favorite things! From The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda to Bravo's Real Housewives to real politicians, gods of rock and goddesses of music. Lovingly crafted celebrity prayer candles for whoever you want to honor. Great gifts for your loved ones, including yourself!
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Saint David, Patron Saint of the Apothecary
Saint Betty Prayer Candle
Patron Saint of Believing and Patron Saint of Fuuun Set
Our Lady of Hunky Dory
Saint Britney
Saint Britney
Our Lady of Dissent
Patron Saint of Food and Life
Saint Dolly
Saint Dolly
Patron Saint of Kindness
Patron Saint of Public Health
Our Lady of Motherboy
Saint Goldblum
Our Lady of Dissent Vinyl Sticker
Our Lady of Dissent Mug
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